Poems,  Vows, & Scripture  
  • Layout and setup fees depends on the extent of time and work involved.     
         The minimum fees for each are $25. per job.
  • We charge 75 cents per word in addition to the layout/setup fee.
  • Any variables (shown below) carry additional charge based on product, time and work involved.
  • Scroll down the page to see Illuminations. You may want this on your piece.
  • To order, call or email the wording to us. We will get back to you on pricing and payment method.
    We cannot give firm price quotes on any specialty work without seeing the job you want us to do and knowing your variables such as art inclusions, adornments, ink color, size, layout, paper stock & weight, and  calligraphy hand.
Certificates and Bible Inscriptions
Pricing Guidelines
Certificates: For 1 certificate with only name & date, we charge $15.00 for that certificate.
                     For 2 or more certificates with only name & date,  we charge  $5.00 per certificate.
                     Other information to be scribed on the certificate(s) is priced at 75 cents per word.
Bibles: To scribe the "To, From, Date & Occasion" lines, we charge $25. 
            To scribe more information, we need to see what it is before quoting a price based on the
            extent and time involved.

To schedule this work contact us, and together we will discuss cost, payment method and the logistics of you getting the work to us - bringing it by our studio, courier service, or sending by mail, FedEx, or UPS.
Renderings of homes, churches, buildings, etc.

Pricing Guidelines

We do renderings in pen and ink or in watercolor - whichever you prefer - from a photo supplied by you.
Pricing is based on:  time, extent of detail, size, and medium requested (pen & ink or watercolor). 
We work on an hourly basis: Pen and ink is $50. per hour;   watercolor is $100. per hour.
After seeing your photo, we can give you an estimate with a note-to-exceed price.
If you agree to the estimate, we must have payment before work begins, and there is no refund.
Renderings make great gifts for you or your family, friends, and business associates;
Reasons for giving renderings:  house warmings, new office building, any holiday, occasion, or no occasion at all.
Important notes:
1. Make sure the photo is taken at the time of year you want the rendering to portray.
2. We do not work from architectural drawings because they don't show the personal landscaping and details the owners have added.

To order, mail or email us the photo along with your important requests and comments.
Upon receipt, we'll contact you pronto with an estimate. 
Notice our attention to detail regarding lighting, shadows, wood tones, grass, leaves, sky, and trees on this Michigan summer home watercolor rendering.
Our client had the piece double-matted (shown) and framed.
This particular painting measured 11"x14" and cost only $400 !
Signature Mats
Pricing Guidelines
To scribe person's or couple's names and date on your matboard, we charge $30.
Included in this price is your choice of calligraphy hand, and a pencil border so guests will not sign too close to the edge of the mat to have their names covered by the frame.

To schedule this work, email or call us.
Each Marriage Declaration is individually hand painted to symbolize our wish that your marriage be blessed with...
A wonderful beginning (butterflies)
Love (roses)
Peace (calla lily)
Happiness (red poppy)
Forgiveness (yellow poppy)
Whimsy (black-eyed Susan)
Memories (forget-me-nots)

Price for original painting and custom calligraphy  $80
Price is based on the exact declaration you see here.
To orderEmail  lyncrist@bellsouth.net
or call us at 704-442-3900 with the information for the declaration, and we'll go from there.

FYI:  The art symbolizms are included with the declaration for the benefit of the recipients.
Marriage Declaration
Birth Declaration
Each Birth Declaration is hand painted. Unlike birth certificates that look childlike, we have designed our declaration to be appropriate in a child's room as well as for display in the home of the child in adult years. We paint soft green leaf vines and a small butterfly intermingling through the calligraphy.

Price for original painting and custom calligraphy  $80.
Price is based on the exact declaration you see here.
To order: Email  lyncrist@bellsouth.net
or call us at 704-442-3900 with the information for the declaration, and we'll go from there.

Illuminations  is the term used when the first letter of a calligraphy piece is larger and boxed in with various colors and flourishes.  Remember the old fairy tale books? 

This example shows eight illuminations, because the combinaton of the first letter of each word spells SOULMATE. In cases like this, illuminating the first letter of each line is appropriate and beautiful since the letters spell a word.

In most cases, however, illuminations are only the first letter of the piece.
For most first letter illuminations, we charge $20.
If you would like an illumination on any work we scribe for you,
be sure to tell us.  We'll be happy to give you a quote.