This Lyncrist design menu is a hand painted card, signed by the artist. On the inside is the menu and a statement to the guest about the card being their favor - an original painting they can frame. 5"x7"Fabriano Medioevalis stock. Fabulous quality and feel.
Menus & Programs Event agendas for guests

     This Lyncrist design is a short luncheon menu. It shows:

We give you a choice.
If you don't want to go with any Lyncrist design,
we're happy for you to choose the stock and font you like
by browsing the books in our studio from the national
stationery manufacturers with whom we are
authorized dealers.
You can choose to have them engraved, letterpressed,
flat printed, or thermographed, and we'll place the
order for you.
This menu is an example of what we
ordered for a client. 

         This Lyncrist design menu:
please click here to email us about your needs, and we'll contact you,

We have more examples to add to this page, and we'll accomplish that as soon as we can.
1. This Lyncrist design program beautifully made with quality paper for the cover and inside pages.  The cover is our Casual Hand, and the inside is typeset per our customer's specifications.
Tied together with chiffon ribbon, this program is beautiful to see and elegant to the touch.
This program is one sheet, front & back, but displayed
this way
so you
can see
2. This Lyncrist design program is scribed entirely in our Chancery Hand.  To honor our client's budget, we had our camera ready calligraphy flat printed on card weight stock,  2 up on a page front and back, and cut down the middle, making this program 4.25" x 11".
Rather than having this program fold, this layout saved our client around 30% on cost.
It is so beautiful that it is one of our most requested program designs. Some of these we have had printed on lighter weight stock and rolled into a scroll and tied with ribbon to match the ceremony colors.
Event agendas for your guests
1. This Lyncrist design is quite popular with our clients, especially when out-of-town guests are plentiful.
The jacket is on card stock with a pocket for the inside components.  However, this example shows the components pulled out of the pocket so you can see that there's multiple pages of info for your guests. The ribbon (if you want one) can be 1 or 2 colors specified by you.

You have 2 purchase choices:
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