About Us

This is the page where people usually brag about themselves.
We're not comfortable with that,
but we understand that our work and experience is important to you.
So, we have chosen to use excerpts from the writings of others instead of our own.

Cristen and Lynn truly make you feel special because they sincerely believe you are.
As for their work?  It's masterful and never ceases to amaze me. There's nothing out there like what they can do.
It's impossible to leave their studio without feeling better than you did when you arrived, and you can't wait to show off what they did for you!                                                                            Mrs. Catherine DuPont Myers
Experience and Qualifications

Cristen Whitley Matilainen is the owner of Lyncrist Studio of Calligraphy and Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. The studio is located in the fabulous Cotswold area of Charlotte.  Prior to this location, Lyncrist was in NoDa, the
arts district of Charlotte. Before that, Lyncrist was known as Lynn Waddell Originals in the Midwood area.

So far, Lyncrist work has been commissioned for individuals, corporations, the motion picture industry, two Presidents of the United States, Neiman Marcus, other fine merchants, and lots of happy brides and lovers of
the beauty that lives in the art of calligraphy!

Cristen and Lynn are both natives of Charlotte. Since 1977, Lynn has enjoyed life as a calligrapher, artist, motivational speaker, and author. She has taught calligraphy in Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Orlando, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, and Charlotte. She is the author of From the Feather to the Pen, a comprehensive calligraphy course for aspiring calligraphers.  Lynn is the widow of Stanley L. Minasian, Sr.

Cristen holds a degree in International Studies from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a paralegal certification from Duke University, and has a natural, God-given talent as a calligrapher and artist, just like her mother. Cristen and her husband Andreas have a son John.
Lyncrist's Collections Inspire, Entertain and Impress.  Read on...they're great !

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Walking into Lyncrist Studio is like walking into your own home! The mother/daughter team of Lynn and Cristen will greet you with bright smiles and a feeling of being one of a kind. Lynn and Cristen have combined their talents to provide you with the most beautiful combination of calligraphy, art, and originality that is difficult to find in today's world. At Lyncrist Studio or on their website, you'll be in the midst of things you've never seen - truly unique things - because Lynn and Cristen design and create them all.
When you want something really special, these artists get a feel for the person you are, learn a bit about what you love, where your interests lie, and then design that special one of a kind something especially for you.

A heartfelt letter to a mother, calligraphed and framed for her to cherish... A favorite song or beloved scripture, penned and proudly placed where it can be seen every day, to remind us of those things we do not want to forget. 
If it's a gift you want them to create, it will never be forgotten, but will be cherished dearly since your recipient will know that your heart was in the giving.

Or you can choose from their Lyncrist Collection of Hand Painted, Frameable Cards: The Imagination Series, The Hearts and Wreaths Series, The Garden Series, and their latest trendy AmicaBella, which is both inspiring and fun for women, young and old, to send and receive.

Then there's the Lyncrist Collection of Calligraphy Prints and Paintings with Prose that are awe inspiring and can be personalized as you desire. To appreciate the beauty and originality of these prints & paintings, you must see them for yourself. Incredibly, some of the calligraphy is scribed in circles, squares, and ovals. The beauty is in the wording and the design.

And you've never seen anything quite like the Lyncrist Collection of Books that are for recording the days or times in your life: My World, Matters of the Heart andHome, Welcome, Book of Sentiments, Our Family Traditions, and more to come.

Somewhere in you, all of the Lyncrist Collections will tug at you, tug at your sense of beauty, tug at your heartstrings, and tug at your soul. Each item is copyright protected and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Lynn and Cristen will hope to spoil you a bit with the ways they allow your input into making their creations exactly what you want! There is nothing that quite compares with the beauty of original, hand-scribed calligraphy and original art, so be prepared to be in awe of their wonderful talents.
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