Glossary for this page
"Hand" is the term used in calligraphy like "font" in the term used in typesetting, because 
            calligraphy is only done by hand. 
"Line definition" refers to the thick & thin lines in every letter. 
"Quill" refers to a calligraphy instrument that is dipped in an ink well instead of having an ink barrel with cartridge. 
            Using a quill is for the most experienced calligraphers and takes more time to scribe - thus the higher price. 
Chancery hand is easy to read and appropriate for any calligraphy need.
We describe Flourish hand as "Chancery with an attitude"! Notice the upper case letters and the ascending lower case letters  are flourished. Other than that, the two hands are the same.
Casual hand is similar to cursive. In spite of its name, this hand is appropriate for formal uses as well as casual.
We call this hand Breeze because the formation of the tall strokes makes them appear to be 
blowing from a cool westerly breeze.
"Elegant" best describes our Spencerian hand. It is done with a quill that has a tip as sharp as a pin, therefore 
some papers do not accept the scribing as well as others. To assure your satisfaction, we must approve your 
papers or envelopes before scribing Spencerian for you. Because of the degree of skill required with this hand, 
we must charge more for scribing, and we must request 25% overage on envelopes.
Artsy hand is used for a very casual wedding or party  
Our Calligraphy Hands
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